FAQ of a real estate photographer

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The real estate market is on fire right now, and having professional real estate photos taken of you listing can help you turn for sale into sold. However there are lots of choices when it comes to hiring a real estate photographer and there are a number of questions you should have answered to help make your decision easier. Here at Five Star Images we get asked a lot of really good, smart questions and we thought it would be best to put the answers into a FAQ's post.

1. How many photos will I get?

The short answer is a minimum of 20. This is because MLS requires a maximum of 20 photos. However, our photographers typically will provide you with an average of 30 to 35 photos depending on the size of the home.

2. How long will a typical photo shoot take?

A typical photo shoot will take approximately 1 hour to complete.

3. What type of equipment do you use?

Only the best. Our photographers use the latest in digital SLR cameras. Our equipment includes professional wide angle lenses and lighting.

4. Can you post to MLS for me?

Yes. We have a vendor contract with the Vancouver and Fraser Valley real estate boards. All you have to do is provide us with the MLS number and we can take care of the upload.

5. My listing is outside the lower mainland; can you serve my area?

Currently we service all of the lower mainland. If you have a listing outside of this area we charge an additional $25 travel fee.

6. What is the turn around time?

Typically we can deliver your photos the same day, but we guarantee a 24 hour return.

7. What is the difference between a slide show and a virtual tour?

The main difference between the sideshow and the virtual tour is that the virtual tour comes with 3 panorama photos. You can view a sample of our slideshow here and a sample of out virtual tour here.

8. Do all photo packages come with still photos?

Yes. All 3 of our packages come with the still photos.

9. What about the weather?

This is Vancouver after all and as we all know Vancouver loves rain. In the case of a down pour rescheduling is possible however it's always best to check the weather report before booking a photo shoot.

10. I need to cancel; how much notification do I need to give?

Preferable we would like to have a 24 hour notification of cancellation in order to avoid a cancellation fees.

11. Do I have to be there?

No, you do not have to attend the photo shoot. As long as the homeowner is available to let the photographer in or if the lock box combination can be provided.

12. Do you work weekends?

Yes we work weekends and even holidays.

13. Can you edit things out of the photos?

Typically we ask that a home be photo shoot ready the day our photographer arrives. This means to have the house cleaned as if your mother is coming to visit. However, there are times when something can be missed. We can provide some basic editing, however it's best to present the home as it is rather than mislead any potential home buyers by photoshopped photos. For tips on how to prepare your home for a photo shoot please read this post found here.

14. How do I pay?

After we deliver you photos we will send you an invoice. From that invoice you can pay online with a credit card. Alternatively on the day of the photo shoot you can pay directly with a cheque of cash payment.