How to prepare your home for real estate photography

November 1, 2017

It's time to sell your home and your real estate agent has suggested a professional real estate photographer take pictures. Fantastic decision. However, you have no idea about how you should prepare your home. Over the years I have been asked questions such as "Should I repaint my home?", "Do I need to get rid of my furniture?", "What should I do about my kitchen?". In this post I am going to share with you the advice I give all home owners and real estate agents when they decided to hire a professional real estate photographer. 


I have compiled a room to room check list. However, at the bare minimum you must do the following. 

Clean your house as if your mother is coming to visit. Do your best to remove stains from carpets, mop the floors and don't forget to clean the windows. 


The day of the photo shoot

Preparing your home on the day the real estate photographer arrives saves time for all parties involved. Here are several ways to get your home ready.


Turn on all overhead lights 

Replace any burnt out light bulbs

Turn off all ceiling fans, televisions, and computer screens 

Open up all blinds

Place all shoes and jackets in the closet

Remove cars from the driveway

Place any pet items, IE food dish, toys...out of sight

Remove any small floor rugs to reveal flooring underneath

Store away all charging devices/cables

Remove all personal affects




Clean counter tops of all items expect for one. This can be either a coffee pot, a mixer a juicer or a tea kettle 

Hide away garbage cans

Keep the fridge door clean of pictures and magnets



Remove all soaps from the shower and bathtub

This one is for the males of the home...put down all toilet seats

Remove any dirty towels and replace with one clean towel

Clear the counter tops completely 

Remove any dirty floor mats


Dinning/Living room

Straighten all chairs around the dining table

Remove any high chairs or booster seats

Hide magazines, letter mail, papers...

Fluff and arrange sofa pillows

De-clutter the room  



Hid laundry

Clear away any personal items including pictures and jewelry

Make beds

Put away children's toys

Close closet doors if you do not want to showcase your closets interior



Close garage doors

Remove any empty planters

Rake leaves, shovel snow, or mow the grass 

Clean up any outdoor toys

Remove visible water hose

Clean out the pool 

Prepare the hot tub

Tidy up patio furniture 



I understand that this list seems daunting. We want your home to be presented in the best possible way and this requires corporation and team work. If you take it one room at a time you should be ready to present your home to the Queen of England come photo shoot day. If you have any questions regarding the preparation of your home please contact us


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