How a twilight photo can sell a home

November 2, 2017

It's that magical time of day between day and night. The sun has set below the horizon but it's rays still illuminate the earths atmosphere. Those rays produce the colors of twilight. This is gold when it comes to real estate photography. Twilight shots can make even an ordinary home look extraordinary. It can also turn an already spectacular home into a masterpiece. 

Here is a summary of how you can prepare for a twilight photo shoot from a professional real estate photographer.





Plan and scheduled- This is the most important part of the twilight shoot. The time of twilight changes daily so it's important to find out what time twilight is and schedule the photo shoot appropriately. It's as simply as googling What time is twilight. The best light will occur 15 minuets after sunset, but you need to allow time for the real estate photographer to set up. Plan to have the photographer arrive 1 hour before the sun sets. 


Twilight photos are not just about the exterior but the interior as well. This can be surprising as most think of twilight to only affect the exterior. Having the photographer arrive an hour before the sun sets allows the photographer to shoot the interior of the home as day turns to night. This produces a lovely blue light on the windows. 

 If you plan correctly your photographer can take care of the interior photos before the exterior twilight. 


Turn on the lights- Before the real estate photographer arrives turn on all of the interior lights. Don't forget about the exterior lights, including any landscaping lights. Doing this simple task ahead of the photographers arrival can save valuable time. 




Not often do potential home buyers have the opportunity to view their dream home all lit up at dusk. By presenting a twilight photo your listing will stand out and attract more buyers. Overall a twilight photo creates a warm and welcoming feeling. Give your home buyers a house they'll want to come home to. 


Twilight photos can be added to any one of our photo packages. To learn more about or services or to inquire about twilight photos please feel free to contact us.


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